Satellite and Cable: Pick of the Day

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IT'S AMAZING the clout that being James Bond brings you. It is unlikely that Pierce Brosnan (right) would ever have achieved the sort of status he now enjoys if he had remained as TV's Remington Steele. The Barry Norman Interview (7.35pm Sky Premier) with Pierce Brosnan is followed by the premiere of The Nephew (8pm), a drama produced by Brosnan, about a young man from New York who returns with his mother's ashes to the remote island of Inis Dara. He creates a stir upon starting an affair with the daughter of the owner of the local bar.

Snow has a cutesy image but as "Blizzard", tonight's Raging Planet (8pm Discovery), shows, it can be deadly. It has caused the death of thousands of people and the mass extinction of animals. It's all a far cry from the benign feelings conjured up by The Snowman.