Satellite and Cable: Pick of the Day

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EVER SINCE his startling performances in The Godfather trilogy, Al Pacino (right) has been inextricably linked with a range of gangster roles from Scarface to Carlito's Way. He returns to this fruitful territory in Donnie Brasco (10pm Sky Premier), a powerful tale of a fading mobster who takes a young man (Johnny Depp) under his wing unaware that he is in fact an undercover FBI agent. Based on a true story, this tough thriller is a far cry from director Mike Newell's Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Following in the wake of the none-too-glorious "Uncovered" documentary series which has visited Greece, the Caribbean and Ibiza, we now have Christmas Uncovered (10pm Sky One) featuring footage of festive excess. Why do people always photocopy their privates at Christmas parties?