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Holidays in the Danger Zone - Places That Don't Exist (9pm BBC4)

In his last series, Meet the Stans, the intrepid Simon Reeve (right) journeyed to remote regions of the former Soviet Union. Now, he sets off to explore some of the world's unrecognised breakaway states, which are often very dangerous. Private armies, mass graves and high-tech weapons are just some of the sights he takes in while visiting places such as South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Ajaria and Nagorno-Karabkh, but, in tonight's episode, Reeve starts his danger-zone exploration in Somaliland.

He travels via Mogadishu, where armed bodyguards are required in order to ward off potential kidnappers, and ends up buying a Somali diplomatic passport from a man known as Mr Big Beard. The journalist goes on to visit Transniestria, a tiny nation sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine, where he finds people so poor they have been forced to sell their kidneys in order to survive, and Taiwan, a potent economic force that exists in political limbo.