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WHOOPI GOLDBERG'S career has been marked by peaks and troughs - there have been long gaps between impressive work such as The Color Purple and Ghost. Her career is assessed in Femmes Fatales (6.30pm Sky Moviemax), which is followed by an evening of her movies. In Theodore Rex (7pm), a fantasy comedy, Goldberg (right) plays a cop teamed with a genetically-engineered dinosaur. For Daniel Petrie's comedy, The Associate (8.30pm), she has to dress up as a white male Wall Street financier. Eddie (10.30pm) casts her as a basketball fan who becomes coach of the New York Knicks.

Despite a thin spell Bath remain a formidable cup outfit and they should have a hard-fought encounter against the reigning league champions in Newcastle vs Bath (1.30pm Sky Sports 2).

James Rampton