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SEAN CONNERY (right) may have allegedly been denied a knighthood by the Government, but there is no doubting his popularity with audiences and producers. He has managed to escape 007 typecasting - he once said, "I have always hated that damn James Bond. I'd like to kill him" - to become like the proverbial good wine, just getting better with age. Perhaps most sickeningly, even well into his sixties, he continues to top polls to find the world's sexiest man. His enduring appeal is analysed in today's Action Heroes (2.15pm Sky Moviemax).

The two young Irishmen, David O'Leary and Martin O'Neill, have emerged as astute Premiership managers and they meet this evening in Ford Monday Night Football (7pm Sky Sports 1). O'Leary's Leeds United travel to Filbert Street where they meet O'Neill's Leicester City.

James Rampton