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MANY ADULTS condemned Nicholas Ray's 1955 film, Rebel without a Cause (10.30pm Sky Cinema), for supporting violence, but that only served to enhance its cachet among the young, for whom it became a seminal account of teen rebellion. James Dean (right), in an iconic role, plays Jim, a youth who revolts against his stifling parents and gets his kicks from daredevil car-racing (eerily prefiguring the actor's actual death). Natalie Wood, featured in the earlier Hollywood Hall of Fame (10pm Sky Cinema), plays his love interest. To this day, the film still holds a visceral power. It sometimes seems like every week is Shark Week on Discovery. Tonight's contribution to the season includes: Gentle Giants (7pm Discovery), which focuses on the gentle whale shark. This swims around the coasts of Africa feeding off plankton.

James Rampton