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Sherborne School

The following awards have been made by :

Scholarships: Reuben Aitken (Top), Sherborne Preparatory School; James Dutton Ross Wallace, The Old Malthouse; James Emmett, Farleigh School; Henry May, Brambletye; Hugh Yates, Sandroyd.

Exhibitions: Robert Bain, Norman Court; Robert Blake, Sherborne Preparatory School; Jamie Holdoway, Monkton Combe Junior School; Michael Pope, Feltonfleet; Alexander Russell, The Pilgrims' School; Edward Selfe, The Old Malthouse.

Sherborne Preparatory School Exhibition: Adam Gallimore.

Jeremy Irons "All-Rounder" Exhibitions: Jamie Holdoway, Monkton Combe Junior School; Edward Radcliffe, Lambrook Haileybury; Ashley Walford, Exeter Cathedral School; Robert Blake, Sherborne Preparatory School; Frederick Isles, Edgeborough; Stuart Kennon, Hazlegrove; Michael Pope, Feltonfleet.

Art Exhibitions: David Holborow, Abberley Hall; Charles Minter, Aldro.

Sixth Form Scholarship: Andrew Peevor (Charles and Louisa Bow), The Park School, Yeovil.

Sixth Form Exhibitions: Iver Ahlmann, International College, ; Tom Traves (Walford), Gillingham School.

Music Scholarships: Robert Dawson, Edgeborough; Oliver Hankinson-Parr, St Paul's Cathedral School; Crispin Vollers, Exeter Cathedral School; Ashley Walford, Exeter Cathedral School.

C. Day-Lewis Awards (for entry in 2000): Edward Elgood, The Downs, Wraxall; Edward Lyon, Port Regis; Edward Pitt Ford, Sandroyd; Owen Skinner, Twyford; Alexander Webb, The Downs, Wraxall; Hugh Worskett, Dulwich College Preparatory School.