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A friend lent me a series of tapes by a spoof American DJ called Roy D Mercer who rings up unwitting people to complain about something. He's a country hick who starts politely but by the end of the call he tells them he's going to come down town and "whip your arse". What is so artistic about his show is the way he reveals lazy southern America. It has kept me going while I've been on the road.

I saw a preview of a programme made by the stills photographer Martin Parr, called "Think of England" - it's in BBC2's Modern Times series. It's just great. In one scene he talks to people in motorway service stations who say how holidays in England are wonderful as they sit in their car eating sandwiches. It's very amusing and very arty.

I watched The Big Breakfast this morning which is completely bonkers. I never liked all this "in yer face" TV. Johnny Vaughan is a talented guy but he sat there like some dictator with a court of sycophantic followers. However, it is visually compelling - it's got a soft-porn quality. You want to tear yourself away but you can't.


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