sharks aid arthritic dogs . . . and other shaggy tales from the canine press

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Two weeks ago National Bring Your Dog to Work Day went uncelebrated by most of the nation.To make amends, here are some newsworthy dogs of recent times.

In the Czech Republic, a man was jailed for eleven years for murdering a neighbour who had roasted and eaten his pet dog.

A hospital doctor in Canberra has been charged with breaching ethical standards for treating a colleague's sick and pregnant labrador while human patients were waiting to be seen. "It's a disgusting situation that the only waiting list that is at zero is the one for doctors' dogs," a local legislator said.

Recent research has shown that arthritic dogs show significant improvement after treatment that includes shark cartilage in their food.

Older research showed that regular doses of alohol may care a neurotic dog of premature ejaculation.

A medically trained dog in New Hampshire saved its sick owner's life by dialling the 911 emergency number when alerted by an alarm on a respirator. "Lyric isn't really a dog per se," said the grateful owner. "She's a person with a fur coat."

A dog in New Zealand has started producing milk to suckle a brood of baby rabbits.

Two Labradors in Salisbury wrecked their owner's home then knocked a phone over and dialled 999. The emergency services operator, hearing heavy breathing, first suspect an indecent caller, then feared it was someone seriously ill. When the police arrived and peered through the letter box, the scene of devastation suggested a robbery. The owner was so pleased that she hadn't been burgled that she took the dogs for a walk.