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One of London's most popular music venues, the Forum in Kentish Town, is following the lead of Brixton Academy, home of Cinema Fumee, and lining up special film evenings over the coming months. Which gives us another chance to say "not enough repertory cinemas", "major chain monopoly", "the eradication of diversity" and "bloody hell, they water down the cola at those multiplexes, don't they?" Oh, but it's all true: rep cinemas have been run out of town and are now forced, like Fumee or Manchester's Kino, into one-nighters. So for now, we'll have to learn to like it or lump it. Well, lumping it isn't really on the agenda with a schedule like the Forum's Silver Screen Cinema Club, which takes up one Sunday every month from this weekend. All right, so the first instalment is Woodstock (Sun), but at least when that's over with, we've got such double-bills as Saturday Night Fever and Carwash, or Quadrophenia and Tommy, to look forward to, at just a fiver a throw. Take your kid brother too, and educate him in the way rock'n'roll movies should be seen - in a smoky auditorium filled with drunken oiks who know all the words to "Pinball Wizard".

Silver Screen Cinema Club at The Forum, 9-17 Highgate Rd, Kentish Town, NW5 (0171-284 1001). Kentish Town tube/BR