Sitting pretty

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To have your guests rushing to the bog is not usually the best possible end to a dinner party, but for Tanya Dean and Nick Gant it invariably bodes well. Together, the two artists form Bobo, designers of individually handcrafted plastic toilet seats. Gant explains: "Generally, people come round, have dinner, go to the loo and the next week we get a phone call asking us to make them one." From Monday, visitors to London's Coningsby Gallery can try some of the "Seats of Desire" out for size. Many of them are also for sale: for pounds 80 you can grace your loo with a seat made from recycled plastic bottles while for pounds 325 you can make toilet time more passable with a daisy seat, complete with a leaf lid and a bee-shaped flusher. Alternatively, commission one of your own - a "famous" fashion designer recently requested one incorporating razor blades and safety pins. The only design constraint is that the seat must be functional. "We wanted to change the perception of plastic as a material," Gant explains. "It has such a lot of potential and can be made to look like anything." As well as their rear ends, the other most common thought on people's mind when they meet Dean and Gant is the inspiration for the name "Bobo". "Bog off" is the most likely response, as it's a trade secret, although Gant admits that most are convinced it stands for "bums on, bums off".


Coningsby Gallery, London W1 (0171-636 7478) 5-16 Feb