six of the best buys this weekend

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1. Sirens (above) (15; Touchstone; Rental) Surprisingly pithy comedy with a brittle priest (Hugh Grant) and his wife (Tara Fitzgerald) stranded in paradise.

2. Amateur (15; Artificial Eye; Rental) Hal Hartley moves onwards and upwards with this slyly funny thriller.

3. Threesome (18; Columbia; Rental) Lemon-fresh tour of the living hell that is adolescence.

4. Reservoir Dogs (18; Polygram; Rental) Tarantino's a lean, mean, claustrophobic thriller with Harvey Keitel.

5. Choose Me / Trouble in Mind (both 15; Arrow; pounds 10.99 each) Alan Rudolph's two best films of the 1980s.

6. The Last Seduction (18; Polygram; pounds 10.99) John Dahl's perfectly formed modern noir masterpiece