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Europe's only club dedicated to stamping out discrimination against left-handers has declared this Saturday a day to put the record straight. 'Right-handers are often totally unaware of the inconveniences we cope with every day of our lives, but once they try and open a tin, write in a cheque stub or use a pair of scissors with their left hand they are amazed that we manage so well,' Lauren Milsom, a director of the Left-handers' Club, explains. The club is aiming to 'turn the tables on right-handers so that they can experience for themselves the frustrations that we face.'

Homes and offices across the nation are being asked to become 'lefty zones' by banning the use of the right hand. Disgruntled members, all 1,500 of them, claim that their lives are governed by the right-handed majority.

'Our aim on Saturday is to get designers and manufacturers to automatically consider our needs when they are designing products,' Lauren Milsom says. The club's demands include left-handed versions of scissors and potator peelers, as well as crosswords with the clues printed on the right.

The club is staging a number of sideshows in London's Trafalgar Square on Saturday. World memory champion, Dominic O'Brien, a lefty, will be demonstrating his recall skills, and will be joined by, among others, a group of left-handed musicians and professional cartoonists from 10.30am onwards.

For details of the Left-handers' Club write to 57 Brewer St, London W1R 3FB or call Anything Left-handed on 081-770 3722