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This weekend Cornerhouse, Manchester's Cinema and Visual Arts Centre, offers the audio / visual treat of a lifetime . . . The Making of Take That: An Illustrated Talk. Marie Brennan, lecturer at De Montfort University, will examine the image of Take That and attempt to decipher the question of 'how and why' they ascended to pop-icon status.

Herself a dedicated Take That fan, Ms Brennan, 30, is undoubtedly better qualified than most to consider such lofty subjects and will illustrate her findings with video extracts. The lecture will cover how we respond to the 'fab five' and will reveal secrets about them, from their style and clothes to their scintillating dance moves and music.

Will any of the band be there? 'I know that some of them live nearby, but I don't expect any of them to turn up'. The Cornerhouse's security team are probably praying that she is right. 'I expect there to be a mixture of people in the audience, I expect to see students of pop culture and fans of every age.'

This presentation is essential for all those who aspire to become the next Take That. Moreover, it's also recommended for those parents who desire some measure of explanation for their child's latest obsession. In the event that Ms Brennan cannot answer the all-important question of whether Robbie is superior to Mark, she will at least be able to offer the band some advice on how to stay at the cutting edge of their profession . . . 'I like their current image, but more comedy and body piercing might help'.

The Making of Take That, 2pm, Sat 20 August, Cornerhouse, Manchester (061-228 2463)

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