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The NFT's comedy weekend, titled "Are We Having Fun Yet?", makes no claims to be a definitive round-up of rib-ticklers, which is just as well. It's based around three sections: the first is a tribute to John Candy and Peter Cook. Candy never quite found the vehicle his talents deserved (certainly not in Wagons East, during the filming of which he died) but he was an endearing figure who will probably be remembered more as a Fatty Arbuckle than a Buster Keaton. Cook, on the other hand, who is featured in the priceless Bedazzled (left, with Dudley Moore), dominated any film he appeared in. The weekend also features four previews, including IQ, whose American cast (Tim Robbins, Walter Matthau, Meg Ryan) is given a touch of spice by Stephen Fry. Finally, there are five features plucked from an NFT members' poll of all-time great comedy films. The top 25 features some preposterous choices but the five faves - including Bringing Up Baby, Some Like It Hot, and Airplane! - are hard to dispute, surely. Oh, go on then, if you must: "Don't call me Shirley".

"Are We Having Fun Yet?",

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