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Bargain of the week

Far and wide in Britain to the Far East for pounds 400 return

Sheffield or Southampton or Stansted to Singapore, or from these or 18 other airports to Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur for only slightly more than the average British weekly wage. This deal is offered for bookings made in the next week on KLM (0990 074 074) for travel via Amsterdam. Best of all, you can travel Belfast or Birmingham or Bristol to Beijing for pounds 324 return including tax. Expect reprisals from other European airlines, such as Air France and Lufthansa.

Trouble spots

Advice given to clients by Journey Latin America (0181-747 3108).

"Avoid areas of poor housing and shanty towns; don't wander into poorly lit or lonely places at night; there's usually safety in numbers. We strongly advise you against wearing valuable jewellery or watches; neck chains and analogue watches are particularly vulnerable. (You can get a digital watch with alarm in a cheap jewellers in Britain for not much more than the cost of a Big Mac.) Cotton money belts are available from JLA for pounds 5.50 including p&p. Also, your camera and carry-bag are safer (statistically) in your hotel room, than on your shoulder."

True or false?

It's never too late for Summer Camp.

True. If you missed out on the all-American experience due to not growing up in the US, a second chance is about to come your way. Yosemite View Lodge is developing a retro "Camp Grizzly" to add an extra dimension to America's most beautiful National Park.

The Lodge adjoins the fast-flowing Merced River in the California wilderness. "The plans provide for an outdoor experience, educational nature trails, barbecue-style dining and country line dancing," says the company. Call Yosemite Motels (in California, which is eight hours behind) on 001 209 742 7106.

A likely story

"New York for pounds 149 return" - London Flight Centre advert in LAM magazine

Air fares from discount agents are cheap, but not that cheap. The catch in this advert is revealed at the foot of the page; fares "do not include airport taxes", which total about pounds 50. The effect is to make the company's fares look better than those of its rivals, who stick to the rules and quote fares with taxes.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled a year ago that advertised fares must include pre-payable taxes. David Gregg, who books the advertising for the London Flight Centre, told The Independent that "My director says it's OK as long as we mention it in the ad".

The ASA says it has been monitoring advertising and is happy that most airlines and agents comply with the rule. The public is invited to send in adverts that don't play by the rules to: Complaints Department, ASA, 2 Torrington Place, London WC1E 7HW.