South Bank shuffle

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This could be you (or your offspring) if you were to spend the weekend on the South Bank at The Big Workshop, in one of various classes designed to teach the world that there is more to dancing in a musical than one, two, three, kick. Like the South Bank's enormously popular summer festival Ballroom Blitz, this weekend-long teach-in invites the general public of all ages and ability levels to earn a few corns in the service of razzmatazz. Musicals under the microscope include Cats, Crazy for You and Hot Shoe Shuffle. Although it doesn't have the bizarre niche marketing of Ballroom Blitz (the Isadora Duncan workshop for the over 65s will remain deeply etched in the memory of anyone who saw it listed in the leaflet, let alone glimpsed it in progress), the idea of mastering the tango or watching your child learning to move like one of the pussies from Cats is irresistible. Well almost.

The Big Workshop runs from 2pm today in the Royal Festival Hall Ballroom. From 10.30am Sat and Sun. Ring 0171-928 3002 for details