SPEECH MARKS / The things they say about Camille Paglia

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Academic and cultural critic Camille Paglia will be discussing her book 'Sex, Art and American Culture' at the National Theatre on Monday

'Do I hear St Camille, anyone?' Eric Hellman, Bay Area Reporter, 2 January 1992

'One of the 12 biggest egos in American art and entertainment.' Boston Phoenix, 24 January 1992

'Super-feminist.' Japanese Esquire, February 1992

'Her calling herself a feminist is sort of like a Nazi saying they're not anti-Semitic.' Gloria Steinem, Advocate, 19 May 1992

'One of Paglia's most endearing qualities: the capacity to provoke in her fellow Americans a tight-arsed concern for propriety hitherto considered the exclusive domain of the English. Another: fantastic immodesty.' Zoe Heller, Independent on Sunday, 17 January 1993

'Camille Paglia has been called brilliant, outrageous, the intellectual pin-up of the Nineties, an anti-feminist femin-ist, a yapping Rottweiler, a woman warrior, a natural successor to Mary McCarthy and Susan Sontag, a crackpot, the bravest and most original critic of our day, an intellectual provocateur. It says here.' Nancy Banks-Smith, Guardian, 17 March 1993

'A feminist academic with a voice like a chainsaw and a mouth from which all traces of humour appear to have been surgically removed.' Alan Hamilton, Times, 17 March 1993

'Like the Red Queen, Paglia races about, uttering preposterous contradictions with belligerent self-assurance.' Jane Shilling, Sunday Telegraph, 21 March 1993

'She's clearly on another planet.' Toby Young, Sunday Times, 28 March 1993

'She is her own worst enemy.' Michael Shelden, Daily Telegraph, 10 April 1993