SPEECH MARKS / The things they say about . . . Sir Peter Hall

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Sir Peter Hall's An Absolute Turkey, She Stoops to Conquer and Piaf are all running in the West End of London.

'A model for all small boys who have decided they really want to get on.' Simon James, Evening Standard 29 Feb 1960

'The most powerful influence in the English Theatre.' Michael Davie, the Observer 16 April 1972

'It is inconceivable that even a man of his energy can stretch himself to so many activities . . . The present policy may end not only in disaster for the National Theatre but in his own downfall.' Gaia Servadio, Evening Standard 12 April 1976

'Peter Hall is 50 today. I know one or two places where they won't be exactly cracking open a bottle of champagne.' Michael Billington, the Guardian 22 Nov 1980.

'You can't lead an organisation as large as the National Theatre if you are never there.' Michael Elliott, Sunday Times 29 June 1986

'We are the victims of Hall's ego.' Glyndebourne chorus member, Sunday Times 13 July 1986

'This man is dangerous.' Michael Coveney, FT 28 Mar 1988

'Partnering Hall was like working with Richard Nixon.' Jonathan Miller, Today 23 Apr 1988

'He has the tact of a public address system.' Sunday Times, 15 May 1988

'If life is a theme park, Sir Peter is one of its more daring rides.' Lesley-Ann Jones, Mail on Sunday 9 Sept 1990

'The Old Man River of British Theatre.' Benedict Nightingale, The Times 21 Nov 1990

'The story of Peter Hall cannot be told without a sense of the satanic figure he has become to some in his profession.' Mark Lawson, Independent Magazine 18 Sept 1993

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