Speech Marks: What they say about TV's most couply couple, Richard and Judy . . .

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'TV presenter Richard Madeley stole champagne and spirits on two shoplifting sprees at his local supermarket, it was claimed yesterday . . .' Andrew Russell, Today, 2 7 91.

'Sorry I'm on my own but Richard's in court. He'll be joining us later.' Judy Finnigan, This Morning, 4 7 91.

'The jury at Manchester Crown Court found Richard not guilty of taking the wines, spirits and soap powder from Tesco's' Andrew Russell, Today, 5 7 91.

'They are like twins.' Denise Robertson, This Morning agony aunt, Today, 20 10 92.

'If they play their cards right, dynamic duo Richard Madeley, 36, and his 43-year-old wife Judy Finnigan could triumph with their new hard-hitting formula, The Richard and Judy Show . . . when his tough questions fail, she moves in swiftly using the gentle touch.' Pam Francis, Today, 6 7 92.

'TV hosts Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan were burgled as they slept early yesterday - just days after making a show about crime prevention.' Clive Nelson, Daily Mail, 19 1 93.

'Richard and Judy - SEXUAL CHEMISTRY: Undoubted key to their success. We all know they share a bed, and they make a point of mentioning it. Their age difference is beginning to show. As his F-factor waxes, her's appears to be waning.' Jessica Davies, Daily Mail, 6 2 93.

'TV couple Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan have been axed from their prime-time chat show after complaints they were 'too soft' on guests.' Pauline Wallin, Today, 10 8 1993.

'Things haven't been easy for Richard and Judy recently. Slipping in the morning TV ratings would make them even more miserable.' This Morning insider, Today, 10 8 93.

'I was convinced Judy would be back on This Morning thin as a rake and ready to discuss her battle with the flab. She is said to be so touchy about the subject, guests are told not to mention anything about diets.' Lynda Lee-Potter, Daily Mail, 29 9 93.

'He looks as if he is something interesting with the AA, she is clearly working for the ground staff of a second-rate airline.' Christopher Wilson, Today, 7 10 93.

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