sport: mud, sweat and tears

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Ian Wright and Paul Gascoigne (right), training for the England game against Turkey in Izmir, March 1993. England won 2-0. Photograph by David Ashdown: ' Whenever Paul Gascoigne is involved, you know you'll always get a picture. There was a huge muddy puddle in the middle of the pitch, so it was odds-on he'd do something.' Gascoigne dived headlong into the mud and then pushed Wright in, too.

Happiness is a warm gun. This photograph (above), taken at the British Claypigeon Shooting Championship, was part of a portfolio which helped Robert Hallam win British Sports Photographer of the Year

European Ice Hockey Championships, Sheffield Arena, 1993 (above). Photograph by

Mike Steele: 'This was taken from the catwalk at the top of the arena. The Polish team had a big team huddle just before the game started and I was directly above.'

Men's 100 metres final, Commonwealth Games, Auckland, 1990 (right). Photograph by David Ashdown: 'I was standing on the balcony when I noticed that you could see the swimmers clearly, without reflection, looking like tadpoles.'

Training camp in Consett, County Durham, October 1989 (far right). British boxer Glenn McCrory prepares for his defence of the world cruiserweight title against South African Samuel Makhatini. Photograph by Adam Scott: 'My Herb Ritts picture. It shows the mental preparation for a fight.

I felt I'd "stolen" his picture, in the sense that some primitive tribes believe a picture steals something of the subject's soul' British Women's Power Lifting Championship, March 1995 (above). Photograph by Robert Hallam: 'Toni Hollis set a world record of 155kg in the 56kg squat that day'

The England Women's Bowls Championship (far left), Leamington Spa, summer 1988. Photograph by Mike Steele: 'It was a minor, mid-week sports event and it was a matter of looking around for characters a bit different and exciting. This woman was celebrating a good wood and her milk bottle glasses and eyes just made it.'

Alexander Stadium, Perry Bar, Birmingham, June 1992 (left). Hungarian pole vaulter

Laszlo Balogh competing in the European club championship. Photograph by Adam Scott: 'I was sitting at the same height as the bar, just hoping that when they vaulted I could get the picture on the way down'