Staying In: Net Gains - Sites of the week

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www.gryphonheart. com

A site probably best left to JRR Tolkien fanatics, it looks at mythical creatures from the past. Its hippy nature is rather endearing and there's plenty of gothic design and lettering. It suffers from a lack of irony, but then that's American sites for you.

www.atlasmagazine. com

This quirky magazine for photography, design and multimedia is incredibly well conceived. It has a real edge to it that you rarely find elsewhere. Although it is something of an acquired taste, and looks a little odd, it's definitely worth spending some time on.

This is an excellent word-games site. It's free to register and you'll find a selection of basic but interesting word games. It's one of those things which was probably extremely simple to set up but is far more fun than some of the overblown sites you tend to see these days.