Surf's up

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While the debate rages about how much of his films Quentin Tarantino really wrote, one thing remains certain: many of their points on the coolometer are earned by his acute choice of music: Stealer's Wheel behind Richard Madsen's auriculectomy of Marvin the cop in Reservoir Dogs, the guitar wall-of-sound of Dick Dale and the Del-Tones' Misirlou which shrieks its way around Pulp Fiction.

Dick Dale and the Who? Find out on Tuesday and Wednesday when the 57- year-old former eremite, animal sanctuary boss and Father of the Surf Sound plays two gigs at The Garage, Islington. Dale, whose second album of his revivified career, Unknown Territory, was released in February, is credited with inventing the washing guitar riff espoused by the Beach Boys, but somehow never got the T-birds to match. But now, partly thanks to Q, he's back and he wants your soul.

The Garage, Highbury Corner N5 (071-607 1818) 28, 29 March