Switch on to win electronic prizes: The Independent/Sharp School Team Quiz

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HERE IS the third set of questions in the Independent/Sharp School Team Quiz, offering you and your school the chance to win an array of Sharp electronic equipment.

Each school can enter a team of up to 10 pupils. The top-scoring school will win a photocopier, fax and typewriter, and each member of that team will win a portable CD player. The running-up school will win a word processor and laser printer. The team in third place will win 10 graphic calculators. Every pupil who enters the competition will receive a voucher, donated by Sharp, providing entry to any one of 70 galleries and museums.

Answering the fiendishly tricky questions will not be easy, but to help you each set of 10 questions is linked by a common theme.

The competition is open to all secondary and senior schools in the United Kingdom. Entry must be by a teacher, with a list of the pupils in the team. Standard Independent competition rules apply. Please do not send any entries until the final set of questions have appeared on this page next Wednesday.

Section Five

1. What do a chicken and a horse have in common? Why, Napoleon, of course]

2. One on the Derwent, one on the Ouse - but forget them, it was the one in the eye that mattered.

3. The Paladin who wielded Durendal died in the defile.

4. Where it happened is well beaten, certainly, but does it not sound as though it might be covered in sphagnum?

5. The island is almost halfway - what a peaceful place to lose a northern town.

6. A passer-by might say it was

a hot place to lie in - however obediently.

7. He might have found a warm way of making a horse go faster - but that is no excuse for setting fire to muselidae, is it?

8. O to follow the composer] In his Steppes, perhaps?

9. In the beginning it sounds murderous, but it ends a bit eccentrically. Did the soldier leap?

10. When the man who said how few they were asked the man who knew how many there were he was told there were none left - but they still stopped a sealion]

Section Six

1. The Cheshire Cat, the Beehive and the Honey Farm, the Catherine Wheel and the Cambridge Pulsar are all formations in which mathematical game?

2. Which mathematics teacher invented rules for circular billiards?

3. 'How I wish I

Could calculate . . .'

Fill in the missing word, and explain the ditty's value.

4. Which professor, with a brilliant mathematical career behind him, fell to his death over the Reichenbach falls?

5. Who offered many cheerful facts about the square on the hypotenuse?

6. If four is a male, what presages a female?

7. What pastime was 'said to be so like mathematics, that it can never be fully learnt'?

8. Which lyricist didn't know much about algebra, was ignorant about the use of a slide rule, but knew the solution to one plus one?

9. Who, if they would praise the beauty of a woman, described it by rhombs, circles, parallelograms, ellipses and other geometrical figures?

10. 'What's one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one?' Who is speaking?