Taxman's loss is the Tate's gain

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Six works of modern art from a millionaire's "outstanding" collection have been given to the Tate Gallery in lieu of more than pounds 4m in death duties.

The Constantin Brancusi sculpture and five paintings by Patrick Caulfield, Jean Dubuffet, Howard Hodgkin and Francis Picabia belonged to Ted Power, a noted art expert, who died in 1993 aged 94. Power supported many artists during his life and, as a trustee of the Tate, he pressed for more avant- garde exhibits.

One of the paintings, Mr and Mrs EJP (1969-73) by Hodgkin, is a highly abstract portrait of Power and his wife. This, with Brancusi's Fish (1928), Caulfield's Interior with a Picture (1985-86), Jean Dubuffet's Large Black Landscape (1946), and The Tree of Fluids (1950) and The Handsome Pork Butcher by Francis Picabia (1924-26 and 1929-35), will go on show at the Tate in November.