TELEVISION BRIEFING / Back on the beat

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In PRIME SUSPECT 2 (9pm ITV), it takes DCI Jane Tennison (the marvellous Helen Mirren) just 15 minutes to utter her catchphrase - 'Our prime suspect has to be . . .' Although this sequel lacks the impact of the first, Bafta-winning outing - after all, we are already familiar with the central character and situation - it still leaves most cop shows for dead. It opens with the grisly discovery of a corpse wrapped up in polythene a la Laura Palmer. Entering an Afro-Caribbean area for her investigation, Tennison has to deal with as many problems in her own force as in the community. Full of topical references to questionable police practice and Freemasonry in the force, the four-part drama, showing on consecutive evenings, should keep you gripped - despite the regrettable interruption of News at Ten.

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