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The goings-on within the Royal Family of late have provided all the pre-publicity PALLAS 2 (10pm C4) needs. The second series of this amusingly puerile satire - made in the style of The Staggering Stories of Ferdinand de Bargos - opens with the Queen doing a runner. Fed-up with the 'royal parasites' and Prince Philip's new career as a cab-driver, she leaves a note at the Palace for Prince Charles: 'The milk's in the fridge, the corgis need feeding and the colour needs trooping.' Charles immediately starts practising his lines: 'The name's Bond, Charles Bond. Licensed to stand around for hours with my hands behind my back.' The voice-overs are clever, but what is really impressive is the show's research, which has boiled down 100 hours of news footage into about 60 minutes.

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