Television: Heard on air

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"I can imagine radios pressed to ears in all sorts of unlikely places in this tense hour"

AGGERS, Test Match Special, R4

"All Yorkshire leads the national rejoicing"


"We're winners! For a little while now we can walk around knowing that we've beaten one of the best teams in the World" NASSER HUSSAIN, Ruscoe & Co, R5

"I am terribly, terribly sorry. There are thousands of broken hearts in Kenya today and mine is one of them"


"Over 600 times last year someone dropped a stone or a piece of concrete onto the windscreen of a moving train" FRED DAVIS, Today, R4

"In Maryland it is illegal to mistreat an oyster"

Points of Law, R4

"I've never really seen the point of Chopin"

RICHARD INGRAMS, Private Passions, R3

"Actually, the whole business of intimacy is rather revealing" ANNA RAEBURN, Talk Radio

"If the mother does a little bit less in the home she's an ogre: if the father does a little bit more he's a saint" Woman's Hour, R4

"Coming up, the Swede who is making paper out of moose-droppings" NICKY CAMPBELL, R5

"Anon writes from the Isle of Wight: 'I'm not going to Proms in the Park to see Paco Pena and his dancing flamingoes: in fact I might very well slip in early and set them all free.'" Wogan, R2