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Accusing Cilla of anything approaching cruelty is like saying Rolf Harris pulls the ears off fluffy rabbits.

Steve Le Fevre

The Media Show (R5)

My mother was caught, in a big way: she had a son interned and her daughter's husband was patrolling the camp. That makes a stone of the heart.

Danny Morrison, ex-IRA Resigning Issues (R4)

You start doing something spontaneously and then to your astonishment you have what literary critics call a motif.

Philip Roth

Night Waves (R3)

People come here for the Little BFMs - little brown bleeping machines.

Vile tourist in

the Dominican Republic

Sex Tourism Vigilantes (R5)

The one lesson people have learned from the twentieth century is that we'd better build some firewalls against human power.

Professor Michael Howard

In Our Time (R4)

There are in fact only seven words in the whole of the Messiah. They are: the, Messiah, born, rejoice, sheep, hallelujah and amen.

Rainer Hersch's All Classical Music Explained (R4)