Television: Pick of the day

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REALITY Brat Camp (9pm C4)

You sometimes wonder why television doesn't just go the whole hog and screen the public birching of teenagers, such is its seeming desire to put right decades of wrong-headed parenting. In the meantime, we have Turn-About Ranch in Utah, whither swearing, stealing and parent-punching British adolescents are sent by their hitherto over-indulgent mamas and papas. The first series of Brat Camp won an Emmy, and the novelty in this second run is that the parents come too - after a decent interval - to try to learn which part of their offspring's brattishness they might have unwittingly nurtured.

HISTORY Auschwitz: the Nazis and the `Final Solution' (9pm BBC2)

Perhaps surprisingly, Auschwitz was a dream posting for SS men and women. The lure (apart from not being on the Eastern Front) was the riches to be stolen from the about-to-be-gassed prisoners.

FILM Greetings (12.20am BBC2)

Long before he hooked up with Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro was a regular in Brian De Palma's early films. This Godardian De Palma curio from the Vietnam war era has De Niro (above) dodging the draft in New York City.