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HISTORY The Real Da Vinci Code (9pm C4)

Dan Brown's recent thriller, The Da Vinci Code, a book suggesting an alternative history for the Holy Grail, has made compulsive reading for countless readers. It seems our predominantly secular society just can't get enough of stories that feature the mysterious power of religious icons. Remember Indiana Jones risking life and limb to get to the Ark of the Covenant? It's as if they allow us to rediscover our dormant sense of awe and wonder. Cue Tony Robinson (above) chasing around Europe in an attempt to discover whether or not the Grail ever existed in the first place. As you might have guessed, the truth remains a moveable feast.

DOCUSOAP Return of the Chef (8.30pm C4)

It's opening night for chef John Burton-Race's (above right) new restaurant and the builders haven't finished the renovations and the cutlery hasn't arrived. Despite the apocalyptic narration, you suspect it's all going to work out just fine.

DOCUMENTARY A Truant's Mum (9.50pm BBC2)

In 2002, after an amendment to the Education Act, Patricia Amos (above right) was sent to prison as a result of her daughter's persistent truancy. This update finds her situation has, if anything, worsened: she may have to go to jail again.

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