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HEALTH Z Dispatches (8pm C4)

The NHS was founded on a lie, according to this thorough and engaging assessment of the financial health of our best-loved institution, which was launched after the Second World War with the motto "comprehensive, universal and free". Economist Andrew Dilnot argues that if it were to fulfil the latter part of this ambitious remit, the NHS would soon absorb all the money we had. The problem, he claims, is one of both scale and expertise. It takes a workforce of 1,300,000 people to provide the service's world-class, if hugely expensive, care, and only the Chinese Red Army and the Indian State Railways have larger workforces.

SEX Z BodyShock (9pm C4)

VWith his "orgasmatron" (above), Dr Stuart Meloy claims to havesolved a problem that faces an estimated 43 per cent of women: the inability to have orgasms. Viewers should note that it takes more than Brad Pitt fantasies to achieve results.


In his final attempt at global ingratiation, genial adventurer Bruce Parry makes his introductions to the Sanema people (above) of the Venezuelan Amazon. With his customary commitment, our man takes part in a shamanistic ritual.