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DOCUMENTARY Z New Face, New Life? (9pm BBC1)

VHaving children is a challenging experience that might be defined in terms of stress and anxiety. But having a son or daughter with a severe facial difference can make parenthood almost unbearable. The contributors to tonight's moving film experience the full glare of society's unblinking stare as they cope with children born with disfiguring facial conditions such as Crouzon's Disease. The choice for parents is whether to teach their child to live with their appearance or to try to alter it surgically. As one parent plainly observes, "the thing that runs society is how you look, and if you don't look right, your life is buggered."

DRAMA Z Big Dippers (9pm ITV1)

VPearce Quigley (most familiar as the miserable bloke with the beard in Happiness) and James Nesbitt (above) star in this amiably undemanding story as small-time crooks who accidentally steal a briefcase containing pounds 2m.

DRAMA Z Shameless (10pm C4)

VPaul Abbott's anarchic creation continues apace as Mandy gets pregnant with Lip's baby. Fiona, meanwhile, is mugged then wooed by her assailant's elder brother, while Frank's world falls apart as Cassie calls time on bar tabs at The Jockey.