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Imelda Marcos reads Hello!. We shouldn't be surprised, what with that magazine's tendency to tar the world's rich and famous with the same airbrush; in fact it seems rather fitting - especially since the rather distasteful Ruby Wax Meets... "Imelda Marcos" (Sun BBC1) is a Hello! interview from hell: the fawning format brutally subverted. When Imelda says of her late husband, "he was a great libertarian and humanist", you really don't need Ruby winking at the camera. But then, subtlety is not Ruby's game.

La Wax, would-be mistress of misrule, not only discovers an old copy of Hello! in Marcos's living room, but one with herself grinning impishly from the cover. The coincidence seems genuine enough - and fortuitous, because Ruby's membership of the Hello! set seems to embolden Imelda to even greater confidences. She doesn't exactly admit to her husband's complicity in assassination and torture - or their asset-stripping of the Philippines for 20 years - but she does show Ruby her collection of shoes. Mrs Marcos, having successfully fought off charges against her in New York, is now installed back in the Philippines and in that country's parliament. "One day , no doubt, we'll have OJ for President," quips Ruby. And one day, no doubt, we'll have Ruby Wax Meets... OJ Simpson. "Oh come on, OJ, let's see the other glove..."

The highlands and islands of Scotland, we have been told countless times, from Whiskey Galore! to Local Hero to Hamish Macbeth, are populated by gently individualistic souls far removed from the irksome realities of modern life. It's an escape fantasy, of course (in America they call it Northern Exposure), and one that Donna Franceschild's excellent new four-part drama, A Mug's Game (Sun BBC1) has no truck with. This is a love story set among the grim realities of the west coast fishing industry, and stars Ken Stott, the hospital DJ from Franceschild's Takin' Over the Asylum, as a Scottish-born Irishman come home to sort out an ailing fish farm.

Alright, class. Hands up who can tell me how and where Sir Francis Drake met his maker? Timewatch (Sun BBC2) reveals that it was off the coast of Panama, where the ageing privateer, heavily depressed at having failed to steal the Spanish silver reserves - and facing ruin - died, and was thrown into the deep. Shades of Robert Maxwell, in fact.

Now, if you give your body to science, you probably expect researchers to test cancer cultures on your liver, or, at the very least, give your limbs to medical students to play practical jokes with. You probably don't expect to become the first cadaver in over 2,000 years to be mummified using the techniques of the ancient Egyptians. American Egyptologist Bob Brier is the man with the embalming fluid, part of Divine Magic's "Magic of the Mummies" (Sat C4), an unexpectedly fascinating overview of Pharaoh culture.

Everyman (Sun BBC2) returns with a typically fair-minded look at the first American-style evangelical Christian satellite channel in Europe, Christian Channel Europe. Joint founder, Wendy Alec, became a born-again Christian while drunk at a disco: she had a vision of Jesus in the ladies' loo. If everyone who had visions while pie-eyed gave their lives to Jesus, we'd be a nation of what CCE's own publicity calls "happy, clappy, devil-stomping revivalists". It's enough to make you teetotal.

The big picture

Something Wild

Sat 10pm BBC2

Lately there has been more interest in Melanie Griffith's (above) private life than in her movies. Yet she is the marvellously wacko Lulu in Jonathan Demme's genuinely imaginative comedy thriller, Something Wild. As her two partners - one strait-laced, the other psycho - Jeff Daniels and Ray Liotta both give lively performances, but it is Griffith's femme fatale with an unhealthy interest in bondage who steals the show. Like her hair, the film is not afraid to show its dark roots.

The big match

Super Bowl XXX

Sun 10.35pm C4

This is the weekend when supermarkets up and down the country traditionally find their stocks of Budweiser and hot dogs seriously depleted, as gridiron jocks gird their loins for the annual marathon that is the Super Bowl. This year's match at the Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona promises to be more closely-fought than most, as the toffs from the Dallas Cowboys (the favourites, with such stars as Emmitt Smith, above) take on the toughs of the Pittsburgh Steelers.