TELEVISION / Production notes

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Chantal Rutherford Browne, producer of Through the Keyhole, on choosing the guest celebrities: 'I draw up a list that includes anyone in the public eye, and across all interests. Half of them turn me down flat, but not across the board: if I approach 100 actresses 90 will say no, but if I approach 100 sportsmen 90 will say yes.

'People also approach us. But often they are minor celebrities who made a record in the 1950s and now play for a showbiz football XI. We have to tell them that what little fame they have will be diminished by going on the show because no one will guess who they are.

'One of the only celebrities we never used was Peter Langan. Six weeks after filming, before we had the chance to show it, his house went up in flames and he was killed.'

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