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Diana: Her True Story (Sky One, Sun; part 2 tonight 7pm): '(I was) occasionally giggling, sometimes appalled, frequently irritated - definitely fascinated . . . Much of the dialogue is hilariously plonking scenario- writing . . . Other exchanges are simply tabloid editorials press- ganged into dialogue form.' Martyn Harris, Daily Telegraph

'Many viewers must have gone to bed wanting nothing but a long forgetful sleep . . . But I shall certainly keep Diana: Her True Story. How better to show my great-grandchildren the excesses of fatuity to which some people were driven by their voyeuristic obsession with the Royals?' Benedict Nightingale, Times

'Every member of the Royal Family, with the exception of Diana herself, is cruelly lampooned as heartless, vindictive, stuffy and poisonous. Some of the performances . . . are obviously derived lock, stock and barrel from Spitting Image. . .' Peter Paterson, Daily Mail

'The monarchy is portrayed as having all the charm, sensitivity and finesse of the Bash Street Kids.' Pam Francis, Today

'I await the inevitable Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders version with keen anticipation.' Maureen Paton, Daily Express

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