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GMTV (ITV daily) took over the TV-am franchise on 1 Jan:

' 'It's so important to go out with dignity, isn't it?' said Mike Morris, shortly before disappearing under the false bosoms of Bobby Davro impersonating a weather girl.' Robin Young, Times.

'Meanwhile at GMTV, where new staff were watching TV- am's last rites, a cheer went up every time they recognised a face from the final roll-call tape. Lis Howell, GMTV programme director, said at least one-third were now working for her.' Maggie Brown, Independent.

'On the first morning of ITV's Big Bang the GMTV formula for greeting the nation appeared thoroughly conventional - cheerful, fast-paced, and resolutely populist.' Patricia Morison, Financial Times.

And Carlton TV displaced Thames: 'Their first contributions have been desperately banal. Surprise Party, presented by Michael Parkinson, was a reworking of This Is Your Life.' Robin Young, Times.

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