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'The Clothes in the Wardrobe', the opener for the new Screen Two (Sun BBC2) season:

'Acting honours of the weekend go to Jeanne Moreau . . . (She) comes bursting into the drab conventions of Croydon in the Fifties like a flame-haired volcano . . . the sort of razor- tongued old bat that makes life worth living . . . When she smiles, she radiates a savoir-faire and a scathing sexuality that had me yearning.' Chris Peachment, Daily Telegraph.

'We should have expected to be surprised, for this auspicious start to the Screen Two season occurred in Alice Thomas Ellis country, a land where people are as witty as Oscar Wilde and whimsy rules their destinies as capriciously as any god. A further delight was the cast . . . And greatest treat of all, the epic, the wonderful Jeanne Moreau . . . Quite the most enjoyable piece of television in ages.' Peter Paterson, Daily Mail.

'The film was a bewilderingly exotic cocktail. Lashings of drinkies. Masses of corrugated curls . . . The result vividly captured a Bohemian invasion of frigid Fifties Croydon.' Maureen Paton, Daily Express.

'Superb drama . . . Jeanne Moreau I will never forget . . . It was spellbinding.' Pam Francis, Today.

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