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Harry Enfield's Guide to Opera (C4 Thur): 'Nobody could have made a better job of explaining the arcane world of opera to a wider public.' Max Davidson, Daily Telegraph.

'It is almost impossible to get the tone right, to beat a middle path between condescension (to both subject and audience) and preciousness. . . Harry Enfield's Guide to Opera could provide just the stimulus that is needed.' Rodney Milnes, Times.

'The best way of tackling supposedly 'difficult' subjects is not to suppose your audience will be bored by the subject.' A N Wilson, Sunday Telegraph.

'Both he (Enfield) and his writers have hopelessly confused popularisation with trivialisation.' Victor Lewis- Smith, Evening Standard.

'It's a hard programme to dislike. Its heart is in the right place.' Marcus Berkmann, Daily Mail.

'Mr Enfield admirably conveyed his own unbridled enthusiasm. . . while at the same time subtly sending up the excesses with great affection.' Maureen Paton, Daily Express.

'For those of us who don't know our arias from our elbows, Guide to Opera was just the ticket.' Lee Best, Sun.

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