TELEVISION / Statistics

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The sun blazed away throughout the first week of Wimbledon, but although there were no new programmes of note you only watched 12 minutes less television per day. Well done. This was partly due to Lady Chatterley, which shed a mere million viewers for its last steamy outing (11.18 million down from 12.14). The British 'successes' at Wimbledon were hardly reflected in the viewing figures - a peak of 3.09 million for Wimbledon '93 compared to 7.30 million for Nigel Benn's bout with Louis Gent on Big Fight Live. The Sylvania Waters cringe factor continued to pull in the punters (6.54 million) but Eldorado's death throes failed to entice more than 5.27 million viewers, while Jonathan Ross's Fantastic Facts dipped an alarming 2.26 million to 7.69 million. Disappointingly, the last episode of Cheers attracted a mere 2.52 million and was bettered by Garden Club (2.83 million) which preceded it.

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