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The People had the antidote to Dr Jones's tearful TV reconciliation with his wife, Sarah. 'The sex] The lies] The tears]'; yes, it was time for 'The Truth about Dirty Doctor Hilary Jones . . . By His Mistress'. This soapy saga promises to run and run. Selina Scott had a different problem: the press couldn't find her boyfriend . . . until last week, when Ted Brocklebank, a 'burly' Scottish TV executive, was tracked down to Majorca. Meanwhile Star Trek: The Next Generation's Patrick Stewart was seized by armed police who suspected he was trying to bomb Clarence House, the Queen Mother's home. The jogging star was let go before he could be beamed up. Further perversity: EastEnders fans in Marin County, California, have besieged a TV station that is planning to pull the soap from local homes. Good News: Philip Schofield became a father for the first time. Wife Stephanie gave birth to a 7lb girl a month before her delivery date. Bad News: reporter Brent Sadler and his fiancee were robbed of their wedding rings, a mere six days before they were due to exchange sacred vows.

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