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Jim Bowen received the week's front-page exposure when he opened his heart to the Sun, recalling his pain when his son was a drugs pusher. The Sun kept the story going for three days and concluded it with an argument against Sir David Calcutt's proposals to curb the press.

Inspector Morse was not out of the spotlight. Initial stories hailed its end, later stories speculated about a comeback, and they all moved on to unravel the mystery of Morse's Christian name. Here the Daily Mirror claimed absolute victory and, after an investigation 'as intense and complicated as one of Morse's', the name was revealed to be Ernest.

Elsewhere, illness is hitting the Baywatch cast due to the polluted California sea, and Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan were robbed the week after hosting a crime prevention spot on This Morning.

Oooeeer: Jane Seymour was filming a TV series and suddenly ripped her clothes off in front of the crew when a bee stung her on her breast. This sparked off a confession from Nick Owen who, it was revealed, was once 'stung on the end of his manhood' and could not compete in his school's sports day.

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