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A death threat sent to Terry Christian, presenter of The Word, was widely reported. Minutes into last Friday's show, a telephone call warned that there was a drugged gunman in the audience. Christian was not informed, apparently because security staff decided that the call was a hoax, although the Sun found an 'insider' who explained that he wasn't told because 'they feared he would fluff more lines than usual'.

Elsewhere: Beverly Hills 90210 made news - partly because three of the cast are opening fast-food joints, partly because Jason Priestley revealed that he does his own washing; former TV-am star Jane Irving was mooted as a GMTV replacement for Fiona Armstrong; and The Bill's Tony Scannell discussed his emotions on receiving a letter from a love child, before revealing that he has four more.

Finally, Today marked the 10th anniversary of Blockbusters, the teenagers' general knowledge quiz, by tracking down eight original winners. The piece was headlined 'I'll have a job, Bob'. Among those interviewed, one was unemployed, three worked in the City and one 'tests new drugs' at Cardiff University.

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