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Reputations: John Wayne (9pm BBC2) Let this be a lesson to mother's tempted to call their strapping great sons Marion - they will grow up over-compensating and end as gung-ho anti-communists fronting adverts for Ronald Reagan. Marion Morrison, as John Wayne was called until Raoul Walsh re-created him for the screen, did indeed suffer from his mother's deliberately cruel name-calling, but also from his decision to stay on in Hollywood at the outbreak of World War Two - and thus userp the popularity of bigger stars who had signed up to fight. Booze and womanising are the more predictable revelations.

Cause of Death (10pm BBC1) An estimated one third of deaths follow-ing admission to hospital accident and emergency units could be avoided. QED dramatises one such case with actors Tom Georgeson, Niamh Cusack and Michelle Dotrice.