TELEVISION / Top new slot for hot new jock

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It seems amazing, but Radio 1 FM seems to have done something right at last. The station has made an appoint-ment that might just help it claim back some of the millions of listeners it has lost in the last year. Who is he, this new DJ? Well the h e is actually a she, and while she may not be a household name here, to tens of millions of young Europeans she's an idol. Her name is Lisa I'Anson, star of MTV.

The half-Ghanaian, half-English Londoner takes over the prestigious lunch-time show at 1 FM (12noon-2pm) and if past form is anything to go by, she'll take it in her stride. Five years ago, she got her first break presenting a magazine style show on the newly formed, trendy Kiss FM. Before long, though, her morning chat with DJ Steve Jackson was the highlight of the whole station's ratings. "She has a tremendous sense of humour and, of course, that laugh," Jackson remembers fondly. The rich

husky voice and the trademark laugh served her well, and soon little Kiss FM was just too small. She was off, first as voice-over queen for Rapido and Dance Energy and then onto the actual screen as a video jock (VJ) on MTV. With a deep musical educationand an easy wit, Lisa should prove a breath of fresh air at Fab FM. Time for a little fame at home.