TELEVISION / York on Ads: No 24: Quorn

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IS WILL CARLING a new-ish man? You bet he is. Of an evening Will likes to cook, while his pretty girlfriend has to work away on her lap-top in their pleasant piney kitchen. Will particularly likes to produce a myco-protein spag bol, made with the ingenious vegetable substance Quorn. While he's chopping the onions and stirring in the pale-grey Quorn pellets, his girlfriend's really doing the voice-over, getting across the key copy points, precisely to time, namely that Quorn is low in fat, a terrific source of protein and there's nothing artificial about it.

They're enormously useful, these modern middle-class sports people with their companionate relationships and their healthy lifestyles. (Sally Gunnell and Mr Sally Gunnell - see How We Met, page 78 - appear in the companion Quorn commercial.) What better advocates could there be for the case that there's nothing queer about Quorn. Quorn might be perceived - to use the marketing-speak - as just a bit valetudinarian and nut-cutlet-ish, a bit lacking in life's oomph-factors.

But with Will and Sally and their nicely spoken consorts and their healthy lifestyles it is redeemed, part of a nice world of young, successful, pleasant- looking people who know how to look after themselves and keep their bodies ready tuned for absolutely anything . . . As the mass-avoidance trend moves against meat - beef in particular - Quorn is positioning itself to fill the gap in the lives of the kinds of couples who prefer a nice stir-fry to a fry-up.

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