Tense tenor: Let no one sneeze

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The "flower depollinator" is limbering up. His importance cannot be underestimated. If he is not at his most alert, a sneeze could destroy the climax of "Nessun Dorma".

Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras are coming, and the special arrangements for the Wembley Stadium concert are being put into effect.

Among the key backstage personnel will be the depollinator. Pavarotti is allergic to pollen, and the organisers confirmed yesterday that someone would be employed to depollinate any bouquets that are presented to him, and from any flowers near the stage.

It is a crucial role in the Three Tenors' first performance together in Britain, and their last performance together anywhere. But the depollinator is not alone in going into the last stages of rehearsal.

All 85 of Wembley's in-house chefs have been on a training course at Carluccio's restaurant in Covent Garden to prepare for the banquet that Antonio Carluccio will serve the Three Tenors and invited guests after the concert. On the menu are venison, champagne, pasta with six different types of wild mushrooms, and lime pie. Here again, Pavarotti will be in need of special attention. His new girlfriend's insistence that he diet means a separate menu will have to be arranged for him.

Meanwhile the organisers of the British end of the world tour are bracing themselves for an onslaught from photographers. When the tenors played Los Angeles, the photographers stood in front of the front row for the first aria, as is customary. However, it was not just any old front row. The likes of Frank Sinatra, Kim Basinger and Henry Kissinger grew angry at having their view impeded and fierce arguments ensued.

To avoid affronting the VIPs at Wembley, the Three Tenors are insisting that cameramen be banished to the cheap(er) seats.