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To make sure that customers know how to use the various shampoos, conditioners and (most crucially) the styling products, di Cesare has produced videos guides to the trickier points of crunching, diffuser blow- drying and creasing (to lift curls off the face). He uses the words "pay attention" a lot, so I did and picked up quite a few tips for my own curly, collar-length locks, before embarking upon my own diCesare haircare/styling system.

1. To get rid of all that tacky mousse and pollution I first used the Clarifying Oat Hair Wash - put the liquid into the palm of my hand first not straight onto my scalp - regular use will restore the hair's natural balance and encourage moisture retention. Remembered to wash my nape. Then lathered up with the Purifying version (does for any hair type). Both smell yummily of almonds and peaches.

2. Towel-dried hair and spritzed on the leave-in spray Restoring Emulsion Conditioner (pounds 8.50). Paid attention to not squirting my scalp, but only the hair itself.

3. Applied a small dollop of Brilliance (pounds 12.25) for the important anti- frizz factor.

4. Tipped my head forward and crunch-dried my hair with a dryer and diffuser (for a less harsh effect). Felt dizzy.

5. Reached for Michael's personal can't-do-without, the Defining Ice Humectant and (upright now) scrunched it into my dry hair. Wayward and fluffy curls now look more pronounced.

6. Finished (just in case) with diCesare's best seller the Liquifix Liquid Mousse (pounds 12.50) - a clear liquid in a pump spray that holds everything in place and you can still run a hand through your hair. Phew! Seems a lot, but 15 minutes later and I'm back at my desk. Do I look any different? Any better? Who can say, but I smell nice and I feel clean and shiny.