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Not many people are as in touch with the technological world as Tim Brown, director of industrial design company IDEO Europe. So we asked him to choose five of his favourite digital things (shown clockwise from top left):

1 US Robotics' PalmPilot. "Still the simplest and most useful of the small personal digital assistants."

1 The Apple Macintosh eMate laptop. "It shows what you can do if you let great designers have freedom to be creative."

1 Philips' Vision of the Future website. "Lots of fascinating future concepts for information products."

1 The Netherlands Design Institute website. "A great place for finding out about the future of digital design. It includes reviews of the last four Doors of Perception conferences - easily the most interesting new media conferences around."

1 The new Sony Mavica digital camera. "A bit bulky but incredibly simple to use, and downloading images with a floppy disk is a breeze."