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Okay, you'd like to get down and boogie-oogie-oogie. But where? Do you look for fun, fashion or maximum beats per minute? To help you choose, David Sandhu asked our club connoisseurs to pick the heartiest parties around the globe. If their name's not on the list, you're not going in ...

01 The Colosseum, London

It's a London thing. The long queues at The Colosseum every Sunday night prove that Twice As Nice, a glitzy-yet-credible R&B night where the Moet flows and the dress-code is label-heavy (Versace, Moschino), is one of the capital's best. American A-list celebrities like Wesley Snipes and Will Smith have headed to SW8 to check out the buzz. "Twice As Nice is still the classic UK breakbeat night," confirms Bethan Cole.

Where: 9 Elms Lane, London SW8 (0171-627 1283). How much: pounds 5.

02 The Arches, Glasgow

"Located under some railway arches in Glasgow, this has to be one of the most atmospheric venues in the world," believes Dave Pearce, "and the Glasgow crowd are real party animals. Put the two ingredients together and you've always got a great night." Recommended nights are Release (Fridays) and Colours (Saturdays).

Where: Midland Street, Glasgow (0141-221 4001).

How much: pounds 8.

03 The Monastery, Torquay

"Situated in a converted church, the Monastery doesn't open until midnight, but then keeps going all night," explains Dave Pearce. "The vibes are amazing here, probably because there is no bar, and the people who come here are dedicated clubbers rather than boozers." A genuine clubber's club - in Torquay? Not what you'd expect, and all the better for it.

Where: The Knighthouse, Torwood Gardens Road, Torquay (01803 292929).

How much: pounds 5.

04 Belcove Hotel, Belize

"Belize City is a really scary place," reports Jennifer Cox. "And the Belcove Hotel's bar/club is an edgy experience - but a great one, too." The Belcove usually has lock-ins from about 9pm, and the party continues until sunrise. "There you are in a club full of local hookers in dodgy wigs dancing to everything from drum'n'bass to country and western," continues Jennifer. "You're drinking bourbon, eating blackened catfish, watching pelicans swooping into the river below, and thinking, `This is surely one of the most bizarre discos on the planet'."

Where: 9 Regents Street West, Belize City, Belize (00 501 2 73054).

How much: free.

05 The Wag, London

During the 1980s, the Wag changed the face of London clubbing by inviting promoters in to run different nights - a revolutionary move for the time. The result was a club that attracted pivotal bands and DJs from the era, including Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Sade, the Pogues, Bananarama, Andrew Weatherall and Mark Moore. Today, the Wag remains a draw, both for its iconic status and for Saturday's Blow-Up sessions, which although not as wild as their glory days at Camden's Laurel Tree pub, provide a fine Northern soul workout that seems groovily at home in the Wag's dark, sweaty confines.

Where: 35 Wardour Street, London W1 (0171-437 5534).

How much: pounds 8.

06 Zouk, Singapore

Once described as "a cross between a Venetian palace and a superclub", the hedonism of Zouk is in stark contrast to Singapore's sober society. Hardly surprising, then, that the club has been the target of several police drug raids. "This is one of the best clubs in Asia," believes Emma Warren. "It attracts the kind of jet-set crowd that helped catapult Ibiza into orbit a decade ago."

Where: Jiak Kim Street, Singapore (00 65 738 2988).

How much: pounds 15.

07 The Bowgee Inn, Cornwall

The Cornish venue where Aphex Twin began his DJ career is a converted pub/disco in a village outside Newquay. "It's gone quite shiny and glammy now," reports Rowan Chernin, "but its still got a unique vibe for such an obscure venue. The people who manage to find it are a mix of loyal locals and sussed tourists."

Where: Crantock, Cornwall (01637 830363).

How much: pounds 4.

08 Ultra Schall, Munich

The pride of Germany over the past decade, Ultra Schall is a cutting- edge exponent of new electronic music, located in a Munich industrial park. Although they're deadly serious about their music, there are a few quirky touches about the club's design. Mixmaster Morris recalls DJing there, "looking through a UFO sculpture that was in front of the decks, while punters sat on giant potato stools" - the club's site was originally a potato-packing plant!

Where: Grasinger Str. 6, Kunst Park, 18671 Munich (00 49 89 543 8230).

How much: pounds 10.

09 D'Noz, Guatemala

D'Noz is a waterfront club run by an Englishman called Deano -"the man to know in San Pedro," says Jennifer Cox. "And his club is the meeting point for travellers to converge and chill to ambient and trip hop music. The vibe is laid-back; it's like a mini Glastonbury Festival, and a real find for backpackers in Central America."

Where: Ferry Jetty, San Pedro, Guatemala (contact Deano at

How much: free.

10 De Melkweg, Amsterdam

De Melkweg ("Milky Way") has been messing with the mainstream since opening on an Amsterdam dairy site way back in 1970. Throughout the past three decades, this culturally diverse club has ensured its success by promoting new forms of music. "This was one of the first places in Europe to begin playing ambient," recalls Bethan Cole of her first visit, in 1990. De Melkweg is now a multimedia centre as well as a club, and its bohemian clientele (including visiting celebrities) enjoy an eclectic range of music, including regular talent nights.

Where: 234a Lijnbaansgracht, Amsterdam (00 31 20 624 1777).

How much: pounds 5.

11 Le Maxim's Club, Brazil

Although Le Maxim's doesn't really get going at the weekend until around 11pm, you'll face a long queue if you're foolish enough to arrive much past midnight - and in this case it really does pay to be punctual. "Situated at the top of Rio Sul Tower, visitors have a choice between the jaw-dropping view of the city below or the jaw-dropping women inside," reports Alister Morgan. "With exclusively Latin music, everyone dresses to impress and parties like true hedonists. There's definitely a strong singles vibe here."

Where: Rua Laura Lauro Muller 119, Cobertura, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (00 55 21 541 9342).

How much: pounds 6.

12 The Republic, Sheffield

"The vibe is unbelievable," raves Bethan Cole about The Republic and its showpiece Saturday night, Gatecrasher. The Sheffield superclub attracts a dressed-up friendly crowd that knows how to party hard to a trance-dominated soundtrack. "You feel caressed by the music and the crowd," explains Bethan. "This is what E culture is all about."

Where: The Republic, 112 Arundel Street, Sheffield (0114-276 6777).

How much: pounds 9.

13 Yellow, Tokyo

In the fickle world of Tokyo club culture, Yellow - and its newer sister (and neighbour) Nano - have managed the Herculean task of surviving, and prospering, for more than seven years. "It's huge compared to most Japanese clubs, with a 1,000 capacity," explains Mixmaster Morris. "An innovative musical policy, including one of the city's first gay nights, and a purpose- built studio, makes Yellow the biggest and most adventurous club in Japan."

Where: 1-10-11 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-Ku, Tokyo (00 81 03 3479 0690).

How much: pounds 18.

14 Bagdad, Oregon

This converted art-deco cinema is now a focal point for Portland's cognoscenti, with an eclectic range of music from UK drum'n'bass to the local sound of grunge. "This is a beautiful building with an especially great atmosphere at night," says Jennifer Cox. "It feels like this is the nub of a really buzzing young scene in Portland, which is itself a very vib- rant city."

Where: 3702 SE Hawthorn Boulevard, Portland, Oregon, USA (00 1 503 230 0895).

How much: pounds 5.

15 Space, Ibiza

Space is one of the clubs upon which Ibiza's legendary nightlife is built - except it doesn't operate at night. The club opens up at 8am, continuing through the morning-after-the-night-before and on to 6pm. As early bird Sean Bidder says, "watching the beautiful people at play on the Space terrace in the afternoon sunshine - you could only be in Ibiza."

Where: Playa d'en Bossa, Ibiza (00 34 971 306 990).

How much: pounds 15.

16 Notting Hill Arts Club, London

The base for W11's hip and happening crew is a minimalist concrete bunker with a surprisingly friendly and unpretentious outlook. Nevertheless, since opening in March 1997, the Notting Hill Arts Club has become synonymous with understated west-London cool. "They've managed to marry great international music - at nights like Nu Yorica! (Latin rhythms), and Inspiration Information (soulful jazz) - with events like a celebrity trainer auction and cult-cinema shows," explains Emma Warren.

Where: 21 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 (0171-460 4459).

How much: pounds 4.

17 Cocorico, Rimini

"It's a totally dodgy, Mafia-run temple of excess," says Mixmaster Morris, "but, if you're going to do the Rimini disco thing, then this is the only place to be." As laser beams assault the club's glass-pyramid facade, wealthy Italian teenagers queue up to pose on the club's six dancefloors and four bars. Once inside, the most aesthetically pleasing are permitted entry to the VIP room. The spirit of decadent disco lives on.

Where: Via Chietti, Rimini, Italy (00 39 0541 605 183).

How much: approximately pounds 20.

18 ARO.Space, Seattle

Open since April 1998, ARO.Space (short for Arts & Revolution Organisation) is run by the masterminds behind the acclaimed local rave and concert production company Tasty, and accordingly hosts much of Seattle's top live electronic shows. Tamara Palmer recommends ARO.Space for its "beautiful, stark design, high-quality sound - and the cafeteria's great for late- night snacking."

Where: 925 East Pike Street, Seattle, WA (00 1 206 320 0424).

How much: pounds 8.

19 The Tollygunge Club, Calcutta

Offering a respite from the streetlife of Calcutta (described by Jennifer Cox as "the maddest city in the world"), this old colonial club, dating back to the days of the Raj, is set in beautiful grounds, and attracts a weird mix of Bollywood stars, spiritual travellers and Asian writers. Residents at the club can step back in time at the open-air bar, where sitars are played while wild dogs howl and golden eagles circle above. "This is the authentic sound of India played at one of the country's most unusual locales," says Jennifer.

Where: Tollygunge, Calcutta, India (00 91 33 473 2316).

How much: pounds 30 (for a night's stay).

20 The Zap, Brighton

Over the past 15 years, generations of south-coast clubbers have spilled out of the Zap's famous arches onto Brighton beach and straight into the sea. A perennial favourite with Sean Bidder, he chooses the Zap for its "intimacy and beach- front location". Since refurbishment and the installation of a new sound system in 1997, the club has recaptured its position as one of the UK's top clubs. During May, it becomes a venue for the Brighton Fringe Festival.

Where: Kings Road Arches, Brighton (01273 202407).

How much: pounds 8.

21 The Golden Poodle, Hamburg

This tiny club - it has a capacity of 50, at a squeeze - has been a Hamburg institution for 30 years. Just recently, it has enjoyed a new lease of life as one of Germany's best alternative dance-music clubs: Warp, one of the most influential UK dance labels of recent years, for example, runs regular nights here. Mixmaster Morris heralds the small-but-perfectly- formed Golden Poodle as "a renaissance of the Hamburg underground".

Where: Hafen Strasse, Hamburg (00 49 40 319 5336).

How much: pounds 5.

22 The Beach, Brighton

Twice a month, The Beach becomes home to the Big Beat Boutique, the only regular residency for local boy Fatboy Slim and home to Skint Records' eclectic roster. This cavernous seafront venue is where Brighton's big- beat sound can best be enjoyed - and there's also house (Bedrock) and drum'n'bass (Meltdown) nights. As Damian Harris himself says, "it's full of lots of young people enjoying themselves."

Where: 181-191 Kings Road Arches, Brighton (01273 722272).

How much: pounds 8.

23 Salvation, Miami

Miami is the place where the beautiful people go clubbing. But, unlike its more ostentatious rivals (which feature ritzy outdoor areas and landscaping), this two-storey club in the heart of South Beach trades frills for basic booming sound and plenty of space in which to get that all-important groove on. "Salvation is for those who focus more on the music rather than the chicks in fluffy bras," explains Tamara Palmer.

Where: 1775 West Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida (00 1 305 673 6508).

How much: pounds 10.

24 Ronnie's, Vanuatu

On Vanuatu, a small, idyllic island in the Pacific Ocean, Jennifer Cox was lucky enough, or smart enough, to experience the legendary kava-cup sunset at a small waterfront bar: "Kava is a potent brew known as `the intoxicating pepper', which is served in half coconut shells - your lips go numb, your body gradually relaxes, and you watch the sunset to a beautiful soundtrack of classical, ambient and Indonesian rhythms. Ronnie's may be a simple corrugated- iron hut on the beach, but it explodes into life every night for a memorable party."

Where: Port Vila, Vanuatu.

How much: free.

25 CBGB, New York

For the last 30 years, this Manhattan institution has promoted live music, mostly rock, within its spit'n'sawdust confines. During the mid- 1970s, CBGB became the HQ for the American punk movement, and was the launch pad for artists like Patti Smith and Talking Heads. Today, its cutting edge may have blunted, but new bands remain keen to aim to emulate their heroes on the club's hallowed stage.

Where: 315 Bowery, New York, New York (00 1 212 982 4052).

How much: pounds 5.

26 Hippopotamus, Argentina

One of Buenos Aires' most infamous, expensive and exclusive nightspots, Hippopotamus attracts the beautiful, bold and wealthy. "This venue may not be the largest or the most glamorous in the world," says Alister Morgan. "But, socially and musically, Hippopotamus encapsulates the unforgettable Buenos Aires vibe; a cocktail of South American passion fused with European chic.

Where: Junin 1787, Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina (00 54 1 802 0500).

How much: pounds 15.

27 The Front Page, Belfast

"Though basically a room above a pub in Belfast," says Damian Harris, "it's full of some of the most enthusiastic, sweaty, friendly and funny people you could ever want to DJ in front of." The club's acclaimed Breakdown night takes place about three times a month, and the atmosphere is always electric thanks to a crowd that aren't afraid to dance.

Where: Donegall Street, Belfast (01232 247028).

How much: pounds 7.

28 The Top, San Francisco

Despite the best efforts of the city's guardians, this tiny club in the characterful Lower Haight neighbourhood has held consistently great nights for the last few years. "The Top shakes it up properly," says Tamara Palmer, "whether from spiritual house sounds, on Monday nights, to blissful, atmospheric drum'n'bass on Saturdays."

Where: 424 Haight Street, San Francisco, California (00 1 415 864 7386).

How much: free.

29 After Dark, Barbados

"Recently redecorated, this club is the best exponent of Caribbean music in the world," believes Alister Morgan. "It provides a wonderful mixture of calypso, soca, reggae and a host of other rhythms in stylish surroundings for a mature and sexy crowd, made up of locals and tourists." Situated in a spectacular location on the beachfront, the club has dozens of barbecues set up outside to tempt you at the end of a hard night's dancing. Just ask for George, After Dark's welcom- ing manager.

Where: St Lawrence Gap, Christchurch, Barbados (00 1 246 435 6534/435 6547).

How much: pounds 6.

30 Legacy, Bournemouth

According to Alister Morgan, if you owned this wonderful listed building you'd be likely to spend your time following revellers around with assorted cleaning products. "Boasting a luscious aesthetic that wouldn't seem out of place in a Merchant Ivory production, The Manor creates an unforgettable experience," he says, "though it seems far too nice a place to hold regular parties." Matcham, near Bournemouth, is not too readily associated with clubbing in the UK, making Legacy - their Saturday-night house-music fest, with a little disco thrown in - one of the best-kept secrets in the southwest. Usefully, due to its remote location, The Manor boasts a late licence.

Where: Hurn Road, Matcham, Dorset (01425 480855).

How much: pounds 8.

31 Lux Fragil, Lisbon

Operating during the day as a cafe/bar and exhibition space, then hosting chilled-out jazz and funk nights, Lux Fragil is a pivotal part of Lisbon's style renaissance. Co-owners Manuel Reis and actor John Malkovich have created one of Europe's chicest clubs by the Lisbon docks. Admire the view from the veranda overlooking the Tagus, and Reis's collection of Sixties and Seventies furniture. According to Mixmaster Morris, "this is one of the best clubs in a 1,000 mile radius - it has pots of style."

Where: Rua Gustavo Matos Sequeira 42, Lisbon (00 35 11 882 0890).

How much: free.

32 Sub Club, Glasgow

On a recent visit to Britain, Tamara Palmer fell in love with Glasgow's legendary Sub Club. "There's something quite magical about this space, it seems to contain the positive energy of countless great nights out that have been had there. It certainly didn't hurt that on the night I visited the Sub, I danced to world-class deep house until the sun came up with some of the friendliest people alive."

Where: 22 Jamaica Street, Glasgow (0141-248 4600).

How much: pounds 10.

33 Twilo, New York

If word-of-mouth is any indication, Twilo is still the best club in the US. "It's the only decent superclub in Manhattan," believes Tamara Palmer, who nominates it for its sound system and DJ line-ups, from the cream of American house to the UK's best house and trance talent.

Where: 530 W 27th Street, New York, New York (00 1 212 473 5616).

How much: pounds 12.

34 Fiske Planetarium, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado is yet to make it onto the clubbing map, but that could change thanks to the mind-expanding club nights taking place at the city's planetarium. Space cadets are gathering to chill-out to ambient DJs, as the 360-degree projections provide intense visual stimuli. Mixmaster Morris recommends Fiske Planetarium as "one of most unusual clubbing experiences around."

Where: University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado (00 1 303 492 5002).

How much: pounds 10.

35 Pacha, Ibiza

Since opening in 1973, when it played reggae and psychedelic rock for the peluts ("hairies"), Pacha has been at the heart of Ibiza's metamorphosis from hippy haven to raver's mecca. As one of the island's best-loved playpens, Pacha's alfresco dancefloors and landscaped gardens are as lively as ever. During the summer, Renaissance, Ministry of Sound and Sundissential- meets- Fantazia have been keeping the Balearic spirit alive with successful nights at the club.

Where: Avenida 8 de Agosto, Ibiza Town, Ibiza (00 34 971 310 959).

How much: pounds 17.

36 NASA, Copenhagen

If you manage to make it past the polite-yet-firm doorstaff at Copenhagen's most exclusive nightclub, a glass lift whisks you up four storeys and into a clinically white interior reminiscent of the set of 2001: a Space Odyssey. Bar staff (in white uniforms, naturally) carry pounds 8 daiquiris to alcove booths housing visiting celebrities (Spice Girls, Manchester United, Suede) or young Danish royals (Crown Prince Frederick is a regular), as well as local wannabes.

Where: Gothersgade 8F, Copenhagen, Denmark (00 45 33 93 7415).

How much: pounds 20 (by appointment, on Fridays and Saturdays only).

37 Help, Brazil

"The antithesis of fellow Rio club Le Maxim's [see No 11], but no less impressive,"says Alister Morgan. "Help attracts a truly cosmopolitan crowd in the seedier region of Rio. If you can successfully circumnavigate the scores of friendly prostitutes and avoid being ripped off at the bar, you'll have the time of your life. There's plenty of contemporary music blended with Latin beats, no pretensions and fewer inhibitions, and you should earn a few vivid memories that will stay with you for ever."

Where: Avenida Atlantica, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

How much:pounds 6.

38 The End, London

The brainchild of Layo Paskin and The Shamen's Mr C, who identified the demand for a London club that provided a quality underground soundtrack in a purpose-built environment, The End opened in 1995. Designed by architects PKS, the futuristic venue includes a spring-loaded dancefloor and a state-of-the-art Thunder Ridge sound system. Both Darren Emerson and Sean Bidder chose the End. "The End's sound system, the quality and variety of its nights and music selection make it the fiercest dancefloor in London," believes Sean. The club's minimalist restaurant, AKA, has also proved a hit with older clubbers.

Where: 18 West Central Street, London WC2 (0171-419 9199).

How much: pounds 10.

39 El Rey, LA

The best clubs in Los Angeles, argues Tamara Palmer, remain in the creative one-off uses of illegal or non-traditional spaces. "LA may have more fashionable clubs than this strange, cavernous ballroom," she says. "But the El Rey possesses a certain unspeakable charm and comfort that's adaptable whether it is hosting a raging trannie housefest, a trance hoedown or a live techno performance."

Where: El Rey Theater, 5515 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California (00 1 323 936 6400).

How much: pounds 8.

40 Le Queen, Paris

This grande dame of Parisian clubbing has witnessed much debauchery over the years. Host to one of the world's best gay nights, as well as its famous foam parties, the club still has the ability to pull in hip locals as well as tourists. Although unaccompanied women may sometimes find it hard to get in, Wednesday's deep house night has a more relaxed door policy and is "one of the best in Europe - thanks to Le Queen's unique atmosphere and the skills of DJ Deep," reports Bethan Cole. Watch the action unfold from the club's all- seeing balcony.

Where: 102 Avenue de Champs-Elysees, Paris, France (00 33 1 4289 3132).

How much: pounds 8.

41 Utopia, Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, good nightclubs are about as rare as a Royal Flush. Utopia, however, is the ace in the pack. Located at the end of the Strip, this 2,000-capacity club is, according to Rowan Chernin, "beyond credibility. Utopia not only plays some seriously good trance music, but also boasts the sexiest crowd of young swingers I've ever seen. It was like the set of a Russ Meyer film!"

Where: The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada (00 1 702 740 4646).

How much: pounds 8.

42 The Fridge, London

The Fridge has attracted clubbers to Brixton since it first opened in 1982. Groundbreaking hip hop and breakdancing nights in the early part of the decade were followed by influential rave nights, such as Planet Love (1988), after the club's move into a converted cinema. In recent years Love Muscle, the Saturday-night gay extravaganza, and Escape From Sansara, a cutting-edge trance night, have kept The Fridge relevant. Sean Bidder choses this London institution for its sheer scale: "A huge, exciting space to explore and roam around. It literally throbs with energy."

Where: Town Hall Parade, Brixton Hill, London SW2 (0171-326 5100).

How much: pounds 10.

43 Vinyl, New York

Every Sunday, New York's Vinyl plays host to Body & Soul, one of the world's most influential and acclaimed club nights, with DJs Joe Clausell and Francois Kevorkian - it's a favourite with DJs stretching from Giles Peterson via Danny Rampling to Italy's Claudio Cocolutto. On Wednesdays, Little Louie Vega's new night, Dance Ritual, is rapidly gaining converts. Sean Bidder choses Vinyl for "its minimal design, crisp sound system and for the focus on the music above and beyond anything else - when people come to Vinyl they come to dance." They're certainly not here for the beer. Vinyl is a juice-only bar.

Where: 157 Hudson St, New York, New York (00 1 212 343 1379).

How much: pounds 12.

44 Skansen, Oslo

The seemingly unsalubrious locale of a converted public toilet, located by the city walls just outside of Oslo, is home to 200 of Scandinavia's 24-hour party-people from Thursday through to Sunday. "Skansen specialises in deep soulful party music - DJs return from the club raving about the best crowds they've ever played to," enthuses Emma Warren.

Where: Radhusgaten 25, Oslo (00 47 223 3616).

How much:pounds 4.

45 The Tunnel, New York

While many of Manhattan's veteran clubbers sneer at the prospect of a night out at the Tunnel, it's still one of the city's most interesting choices. The club's cavernous rooms attract everyone from well-heeled house enthusiasts to hip-hop roughnecks during any given week. Then there's the huge co-educational bathroom/bar, where all manner of nefarious business goes on. As Tamara Palmer concurs: "Hands down, the Tunnel provides the best, most diverse people-watching to be had in the Big Apple."

Where: 220 12th Avenue, New York, New York (00 1 212 695 4682).

How much: pounds 12.

46 Planet K, Manchester

"This is Manchester's newest venue, and, in the light of closures over the last few years, practically the only decent club left in the city," believes Emma Warren. "Planet K is unique in that it's a purpose-built club with a definite leftfield bent - no housey housey superclubbing here, as evidenced by the opening night, which featured Add N to X and Stereolab." The club is now home to many of Manchester's premier club nights.

Where: 46-50 Oldham Street, Manchester (0161-839 9941).

How much: pounds 6.

47 Eden, Ibiza

"Eden has been my weekend home-from-home this summer," enthuses Dave Pearce of the former Ibiza favourite Club Kaos. "A pounds 1m refit has given the club great sound, and a wonderful DJ booth. They are planning even more refurbishments over the winter." With a capacity of 3,500, Eden has been muscling into Ibiza's superclub market this summer and is looking stronger by the month.

Where: Balca De San Antonio, San Antonio, Ibiza (00 34 971 340 737).

How much: pounds 15.

48 Red Box, Dublin

Although Dublin's ever-popular nightlife can be a bit hit-or-miss, Red Box, selected by Darren Emerson, is a consistently good venue for gigs as well as club nights. The 1,500-capacity converted railway station is situated above the more elitist PoD (Place of Dance) club and has quickly built up a strong reputation for its Influx techno sessions - not to mention the ear-splitting intensity of its sound system.

Where: Harcourt Street, Dublin 2, Eire (00 353 1 478 0166).

How much: pounds 11.

49 Rock Cafe, Prague

A consistently good live music/club venue in the heart of Prague. Most of the city's style tribes end up here sometime during the week as the music policy takes in all shades of rock and indie. Live bands - many of which are Czech tribute bands to the likes of the Stones and Black Sabbath - play it fast and loud to appreciative crowds fuelled mainly by the strong, cheap beer.

Where: Nrodn 20, Praha 1, Czechoslovakia (00 42 2 491 4416).

How much: pounds 4.

50 Cream, Liverpool

Liverpool's superclub changed the face of clubbing during the Nineties with its sheer ambition. But what always kept it rising to the top was its crowd. Regular coachloads of up-for- it party people from other clubbing centres such as London and Manchester make the journey for Cream's unique atmosphere. Both Darren Emerson and Damian Harris pick Bugged Out as the pick of the club's many nights. "Proof that enormous clubs can still work without cheeseing it up," says Damian. "Excellent line ups across the underground genres and an appreciative crowd."

Where: Wolstenhome Square, Liverpool (0151- 709 1693).

How much: pounds 12.